Best Web Browsers for Faster Browsing in 2015

Technology is advancing at a very fast rate. This has led to people coming up with different innovations for various purposes. A good example of an application that has been developed because of the advancement in technology is a web browser. A web browser is a software that helps one surf the web. There are so many web browsers that one can use to search for stuff on the internet. These browsers have different performance rates. There are those that are good to use and that have a good performance while there are those that are tedious to use and that have a poor performance. This article highlights some of the best web browsers that you should try or that you should use for a faster and better browsing better experience and . They are:


Mozilla Firefox
This is one of the best and most popular web browser. It is easy to use and can be used by anyone regardless of one’s technological knowledge. This is because it has an intuitive interface that lends itself to beginners and it has a high level of customization that keeps advanced users on their toes. In addition, it has constant updates, add-ons and has a high-performance across all -platforms. This browser is constantly evolving and its later versions have more and better features as compared to its earlier versions.

Google Chrome
Just like Mozilla, this browser has a good browsing experience. It offers an incredible cross-platform browsing experience as it has good information syncing features. It has an enormous array of apps and add-ons that affects its performance positively. It also has a high HTML5 loading speed. This makes it load sites that are developed with HTML5 faster.

Microsoft Edge
This browser is a replacement of the Internet Explorer browser. It has a good user interface and some features that Explorer lack. For instance, it has a lightning quick performance that earlier versions of IE do not have. Also, it has been integrated with Cortana that makes it more user friendly.

Opera Mini
This is the other web browser that is widely used. It comes with extras that give it a good and speedy experience. This browser compresses pages up to eighty percent while loading them. This speeds up page loading even on sluggish connections. Opera mini also allows users to add their favorite sites on its start screen.Besides this, it has a good user interface and is easy to use.

Torch browser
This is the browser that allows you to browse different pages online without having to download add-ons. This is because this browser comes with tools that prevent one from having to continually download add-ons every time they are using the Internet. This browser also allows one to download torrents easily and to access media pages easily and without any problem. It has a easy to use interface and gives good results.

There are many other browsers that are easy to use and that have a good performance. These browsers are available online and are easy to download and use. Most of these browsers also come with documentations that describe or explain their use.

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How to Open Password Protected Pdf Files

Currently pdf files are one of the most used file format in the world. It is used for all of the official documents and most of the ebooks are in the pdf format. It has become a standard for sharing documents with others. All this has been possible due to the rugged and useful features and properties of pdf. It can be locked and protected by passwords, it can’t be edited and small size of pdf files make them most easily shareable and universally readable. The pdf format of the document files was released by Adobe.

One of the most controversial feature of pdf file is that you can protect it with a password and protect it from being printed, copied or edited. This feature has proved to be very useful and made pdf format a great hit. But sometimes people might forget the password to the pdf files and the data in it could be lost. So that is it is advisable to keep your passwords safe and remember them correctly. But even if you have lost the password to the protected pdf file the data in the file can be retrieved by using pdf unlocker. You might see a lot of tools or software that advertise themselves as the best pdf unlocker or password breaker etc. But today we will tell you about the only tool that you will need to unlock the password protected pdf files. Don’t trust any other tools as there are many fake tools that go by this name.


Unlock Password Protected Pdf

The application that you can use to unlock your pdf documents is called as Free Pdf unlocker. It is a simple tool that can be downloaded for free. This tool will help you unlock the password and edit and the document and even print. This is the best of its kind tool and does what it says. Though we strictly suggest this tool in case of emergencies and only to unlock your own documents to which you have forgot the passwords. Don’t try to breach someone else’s data by misusing this software.

Some other useful features of this tool are that it doesn’t even require Adobe Acrobat to be installed in your systems and totally retains the original form of the document even after unlocking it. There is no data loss of any kind and not even the font of the documents will be changed.

We hope the Free Pdf Unlocker will help you to solve your problems. We again suggest that this article is only for educational purposes and you shouldn’t try breach someone else’s data with this software. You can download the tool right now from , and use it to unlock password protected pdf files.

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