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Blocked iPhone: Thousands of iPhones left unusable

Thousands of iPhone owners are complaining of having their device unusable by Apple. In case the Touch ID function. But they might have some legal recourse.

For a week, Apple is accused of deliberately put out of many iPhone use.During the latest updates iOS 9, some users have their device repaired in an unapproved brand center see the error occur 53. With results in a permanently unusable smartphone. Their unit has been repaired by a third party, their commercial guarantee can not play. All they had left then only buy a smartphone. (more…)

Best Web Browsers for Faster Browsing in 2015

Technology is advancing at a very fast rate. This has led to people coming up with different innovations for various purposes. A good example of an application that has been developed because of the advancement in technology is a web browser. A web browser is a software that helps one surf the web. There are so many web browsers that one can use to search for stuff on the internet. These browsers have different performance rates. There are those that are good to use and that have a good performance while there are those that are tedious to use and that have a poor performance. This article highlights some of the best web browsers that you should try or that you should use for a faster and better browsing better experience and they are: (more…)

How to Open Password Protected Pdf Files

Currently pdf files are one of the most used file format in the world. It is used for all of the official documents and most of the ebooks are in the pdf format. It has become a standard for sharing documents with others. All this has been possible due to the rugged and useful features and properties of pdf. It can be locked and protected by passwords, it can’t be edited and small size of pdf files make them most easily shareable and universally readable. The pdf format of the document files was released by Adobe. (more…)